Angelo Quintero


Wooden Sculptures Express Vulnerability Through Holes by Paul Kaptein

Australian-based artist Paul Kaptein explores the notion of “now” in his wooden sculptures. While beautifully crafted, each piece has something strange about it. Notches and rectangular holes are cut into the figures and show that there’s emptiness to his subjects. His work is metaphor for the present and the uncertainty that goes with it.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my girl love  you. Enjoy!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my girl love you. Enjoy!


Lia Melia

The amazing technique, energy and colours of Lia Melia’s paintings, she creates this incredible work from her studio in a small English village near Cambridge. She has developed her unique style over many years which involves using powder pigments and solvents and baking them onto aluminium or glass. Check out more of her beautiful paintings at




Achrioptera fallax (x)

It’s like a dragon in insect form.


Exuvium chica SOS Venezuela by AngeloQuintero
Bulma Briefs by AngeloQuintero

Fashion! Put It All On Me ➝  Zuhair Murad Bridal Spring 2014


Mutant Recycled Tyre Sculptures By Yong Ho Ji

Korean artist Yong Ho Ji recycles old tires and turns them into incredible works of art. From animals to humans and even animal/human hybrids these tire sculptures are truly amazing, which he dubs “Mutant Mythos”

Most of these sculptures are life sized or larger.

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